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Dear Friends,
Recently I have been posting new video segments on The Pianoscapes 1 Channel on You Tube – to help you navigate, here is brief menu and theme summary of what you can find there. Just click on each video thumbnail to watch or click on the underlined links to go directly to YouTube.

The Heart of Wood Buffalo Leadership Awards Ceremony: Parts 1 through 4 — An Overview
This past June The University of Waterloo Nonprofit Sector Link and the Suncor Foundation came together to work on the Wood Buffalo Capacity Building Project (WBCBP). This project is designed to improve the quality of living for all citizens of The Region of Wood Buffalo. I was guest speaker for the first Heart of Wood Buffalo Community Leadership Awards Ceremony (Videographer Sunshine Chen)

Part 1: Michael Jones in Performance — Pianoscapes
In this first segment I perform a musical interpretation of my original composition Pianoscapes. Pianoscapes was my first recording and the first release from Narada Records. Pianoscapes would go to serve as a benchmark for the emerging genre of contemporary instrumental music.

Part 2: The Heart of Creativity — Stories and Commentary
In this segment I share stories and commentary on my early influences in finding my own voice as a musician and leadership educator. I refer specifically to the influences in music from my grandmother and her love for the open skies and limitless spaces of the heartland of the Midwest where she came from – and in leadership from my grandfather who was one of the co- founders of the University of Waterloo based on an educational philosophy of co-operative education. I speak of how his early experiences of place in rural Iowa gave him a vision for how a university could serve as fertile soil for seeding a community and ‘technological ecosystem’ for the future.

Part 3: The Heart of Creativity — Stories and Commentary Continued
In this segment I share how as a young piano student growing up in small town performing the music of Elvis Presley is what ‘saved my life’ But it also set me on a path of seeking approval through playing other people’s music and many years past before I found the confidence to explore my own music again.

Part 4 – Michael Jones in Performance – After the Rain
In this closing segment I invite the audience to close their eyes and listen for the sounds of thunder, rain, wind and the sparkle of light on water as I perform an interpretation of After the Rain

Michael Jones — in Conversation
Dialogue and Artistry: What Leaders and Organizations Can Learn From the Imagination — Wasan Island The Breuninger-Stiftung Foundation
This past summer I was invited to present a two-day session on leadership, dialogue and artistry to The Architects for Learning – a group of international consultants who travel to meet teachers around the world and also return each year to the beautiful conference centre on Wasan Island in the Muskoka Lakes Region of Central Ontario, Canada hosted by the Breuninger-Stiftung Foundation. In this wide-ranging conversation with Christiane Zarfasse, Founder of the Architects for Learning Group, we reflect on the themes from my presentation and how creative artistry needs to be integral to creating a story of leadership that can shape our future. (Videographer Jan Betz)

Finding Voice – The Power of Story
York Harbor Maine – Dialogos Inc Leadership For Collective Intelligence
The art of story telling is not found only in the accuracy of stories, but in their vibrancy – the sense that the spirit of the story lives freshly in the storyteller with each telling. This highlights an emerging capacity for leaders which is ‘narrative competence.’ Michael shares his own stories with a group of senior leaders from diverse organizations including: The World Bank, BP Oil, The US Forest Service and The International Monetary Fund and others. (Videographer Jon Gibson)

Playing Rain – The Power of Place Part 1 & Playing Rain – The Power of Place Pt 2
Mount Madonna Ca. Chautauqua 2010
Peter Block a widely acclaimed leadership educator and writer says; The arts have a job to do no matter what the purpose of our gathering. The most businesslike, intellectual or problem-solving gathering needs an open mind, an open heart and a trusting network of relationships to achieve its purpose. Participating in art does this. In this presentation at the Chautauqua gathering at Mt Madonna California on transforming leadership – Michael reflects on how ‘playing rain’ … and wind and the beauty of nature… has inspired his own art and leadership.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the videos — Michael


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